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If you are hosting an event of any kind and need a great, out of the box activity, look no further. Renting a photo booth adds a touch of fun and sparkle to any event. Great for small events or large events, photo booth rental can be a great way to capture all of the best moments with your favorite people. Here on our website you can find out what kind of packages we offer and learn more about the different services that we can bring to your next big party. You can also see what some of our clients have to say about how photo booth rental made an impact on their events.авиатор

Why You Need a Photo Booth for Your Next Party

Whether you throw a party or are attending one, creating a memory is one of the most important things you want to do. One of the best ways to do this is to have a photo booth at your event. You and your guests can build memories they will remember long after the party’s over.авиатор игра
Finding a photo booth hire is almost as important as having the booth itself. Seeking out the best photo booth rental is key to making the party as fun as possible. Here are five ways a party booth rental is perfect for your event:

About Us

We are made up of several teams of professional photographers, technicians and event planners that operate around the Los Angeles area. We love to bring fun and excitement to parties and events with a cool photo booth that comes with tons of options on how to enjoy your party pictures.

Our Services

We offer many different packages to suit the needs and expectations of your next event. Choose from a variety of themes and colors that match the décor and vibe of your party. We have photo booths of many sizes to accommodate different amounts of people in one frame, as well as fun and exciting ways to create sharable content that is ready for social media. Our team is experienced in working at many different kinds of events and will be able to match the energy of your guests to bring out the best in their photos.

Photo Booths

We are proud to offer an array of Photo Booths that come on many different sizes and styles. Do not worry about setting up or tearing down, because we will provide a team to assist you during your event.

Animated GIFs

A fun and interactive way to make sharable content of your event is by Adding an animated GIF package to your rental! We have booths that can connect to the internet adding an extra dimension of fun.


We provide props for your guests to use in their photos to make them fun and unique. We have many different themes and colors available.


Carol M.
“We have an annual fundraiser for our community and have struggled with getting great photos of the guests in attendance. This event is massive and every year it feels like more people come. This year, as part of our photography budget, we decided to rent a photo booth and it was the best idea we ever had. The guests really enjoyed having control over their own photo ops and we really enjoyed the extra feature of having a guest book created out of the photos that were taken.”– Carol M.
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Janelle H.
“For my son’s 10th birthday party, we wanted to have some activities available that both the kids and the parents would enjoy and could enjoy together if they wanted to. We rented a photo booth and it was a big hit. The team came with the photo booth and whole bunch of difference props to use to make each photo unique. It was a party that my son will never forget thanks to the photo booth.”– Janelle H.
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Michael R.
“I was having a hard time coming up with ideas for my brother’s bachelor party and ended up renting a venue to have all our friends and family come to celebrate him. My sister has this great idea to rent a photo booth so we could get lots of great shots of the groom with different friends and family members. It worked out so well, and the groom has tons of great photos to look back on and remember the night.”– Michael R.
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Why You Need a Photo Booth for Your Next Party

1. A photo booth is the 21st century way to capture a moment in a fun way, without the posed group and static smiles from professional portraits. This is a way to truly see how good a time your guests are having. These party photo booths provide high quality photos of your family, friends, and others in groups you may not have gotten in portraits or around people you may not have expected. Plus, you’ll get a book of all the photo booth pictures so you’ll have memories of every guest there, not just some that were captured by your photographer. 
​Also, once your guests are finished with their pictures, they will get their own souvenir pictures from the event. These physical copies will provide your guests with memories long after the event and may build new friendships and relationships that could last a lifetime. 

2. When the DJ’s music is getting boring or monotonous, a photo booth provides a new source of entertainment your guests will love. With a wide variety of backdrops, photo booth props, and other silly items, a simple photo booth rental will turn up the fun, no matter what type of party you have. Working with the rental company, providing the right types of items will bring out the kid in your guests and provide a fun atmosphere at any event you want to have. Even the most sophisticated party can be more entertaining with the addition of a photo booth.

3. No matter the ages at your party, a photo booth can be a great time. A photo booth rental is an amazing time for anyone who has the ability to use it. Guests young and old are guaranteed to have the most fun at your event with a photo booth rental. Grandparents can enjoy fun pictures with their grandkids, a big group of kids, or parents and their pets can all have a great time taking all types of pictures. Any age is the right age to have fun in a photo booth. This is the perfect way to get people that don’t know each other break the ice or create lifelong memories for old friends. ​Also, once your guests are finished with their pictures, they will get their own souvenir pictures from the event. These physical copies will provide your guests with memories long after the event and may build new friendships and relationships that could last a lifetime. 

4. Not only does a photo booth rental create amazing memories, but as a wedding photo booth, it creates its own favor. The rental company can build captions and other things into the pictures that will turn them into instant wedding favors for all of your guests to bring home. Creating an amazing moment in time through the photo booth means that as long as they have the pictures, they have a small piece of your event they will cherish forever. It’s amazing what the power of that small photo booth can possess: more than a memory, this is a moment frozen in time as long as they’re around. ​

5. You have the power to make the photo booth whatever you wish. No matter the theme or color scheme, a photo booth rental will mesh perfectly into any aspect of your event. Your rental company will assist you with the right colors, props, and backdrops for whatever theme you’re looking for. Create the feeling of being in your personal secret garden, build out a personal circus tent, or set up for a lavish costume party and build out memories for your gorgeous themed event. ​Also, once your guests are finished with their pictures, they will get their own souvenir pictures from the event. These physical copies will provide your guests with memories long after the event and may build new friendships and relationships that could last a lifetime. 

Photo Booth Simi Valley

If you are throwing a party in Simi Valley, look no further for a fun party rental that will add extra pizzazz to your unique event. We always serve the Los Angeles area, but will sometimes have special offers and options available based on your location in Simi Valley.

Photo Booth Calabasas

Setting up an event in the Calabasas area? We have options just for you and your Calabasas event. Perfect for parties that take place either outdoors or indoors. If you are having a family event or a large corporate party, we have cool options that are only available to our Calabasas customers.

Photo Booth Westlake

Do you need a fun alternative to a photographer at your next event? If your event is located in Westlake, call us to find out about special offers just for you! We have special themes that we only offer to our Westlake clients, so give us a call to find out how we can make your next party unique and memorable.

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