TO Fun with a photo booth is a fantastic way to add a little extra to your party or event. If you have ever been to a get together with a photo booth there is no doubt that you did not take advantage of the opportunity to take goofy, funny, serious or romantic photos with your friends and loved ones. The feeling of reminiscing back on those photos minutes, days, weeks and even years later is magical, and that is truly what you get when you rent a photo booth from us—magic.
We have a few teams in the Los Angeles area that are made up of photographers, booth techs, and party planners available to help make your event absolutely unforgettable. Your guests will love capturing those memorable moments that were made at your event using a photo booth rental. When you rent with us, of course you get unlimited photos, but you are also getting a fun activity added to your event. Some of the extras that come with a photo booth rental can make the moment even more memorable. We offer ways for your guests to connect and share their photos over social media, create other sharable content for your event, as well as the ability to get creative with the use of props. Below are just a few of the ways that a TO Photo Booth Rentals can enhance your next party:Booth Rentals is proud to offer you the most fun party activity available to you. Having a photo booth at your event creates a certain vibe that mixes fun and sophistication perfectly. A photo booth gives your guests the freedom to take your party photography into their own hands, giving you the most unique and original photos that you can get at an event. We have photographers, technicians and party planners that are ready to being the joy and excitement of a photo booth rental to your unique event. No matter what the size of your guest list is, you can guarantee that they will all enjoy the presence and experience that a photo booth has to offer.

We offer many different packages that include different photo booths and features that are made to fit your event and your budget. Choose from different themes and colors to go with the décor of your event. We offer our services with different teams in three different areas around Los Angeles. We are also proud to be among one of the more tech savvy photo booth rental companies. When you rent from us, you are also renting the ability to create sharable content to promote and show off all the fun and excitement happening at your event. From posh evening galas, to wild late-night parties, our photo booth is sure to make your party unforgettable. Ask about what services we offer for kids parties as well!