Photo Booths

You are doing more than just renting a photo booth when you rent a photo booth from TO Photo Booth Rental. We bring the party. Our team comes equipped with all the things your guests will need to have a fabulous experience using our photo booths. Something that also sets us apart from other photo booth rental companies is that we offer a wide range of options when it comes to multiple things about your rental.

Our photo booths come in many shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your event. If ou anticipate lots of large groups wanting to take photos together, we can create a very large set up that will operate just like a photo booth. If you feel as though the guests at your event will prefer to take traditional photos in the photo booth, then we have a few different sizes available. Our booths are all fully customizable and can be widened or shortened depending on your needs. We also have some classic photo booths, if you would rather have the classic style photo booth experience.

Over the years the technology associated with cameras and photography has come very far from what original photo booths were. All of our photo booths are equipped with the highest quality cameras and have the ability to do a number of things besides just take photos. With our technology we have the ability to turn your photos into sharable content. As soon as your guests step outside of the booth, they will have the opportunity to use the technology kiosk to alter their photos with filters, gifs, and text. Additionally, your guests will be able to share content right there from the kiosk using your event’s unique hashtag.


Photos are wonderful party favors that allow your guests to relive the amazing time that they had at your event for years to come. Your guests will be able to take their printed photo strip home with them almost immediately after their photos have been taken. Additionally, we have made it easy for them to share and essentially immortalize their photos online. Partnering with organizations like, who assist in academic writing, ensures that while your memories are being preserved, your academic needs are also being supported efficiently. Their families and friends will also get to benefit from the sweet memories that were made at your event. And finally, we can also provide you with a scrapbook style guest book that contains all of the photos that were taken using our photo booth at the event.

Unlimited Photos
When you rent with us, there is no limit to the memories that can be made using our photo booths. All of our rentals come with unlimited photos, meaning that you won’t have o pay extra to keep the photo booth running.