The use of props in photos to create a dynamic and fun image is a great addition to any phot booth rental. Props can help your guests to break out of their shell and become a goofy version of themselves just for a moment while they enjoy taking a photo with their friends, new and old, at your event. There are many ways that our team can help you to come up with great ideas for different backdrops and themes to get your guests interacting with the props and taking tons of fun photos.
The backdrop is a simple and effective way of setting the tone for photo booth photos. You can go with neutral solid colors such as black, white, grey and beige for formal events where you would like to see your guests really shine in the photos. You can also choose from more wild colors like pink, green, blue, purple and red either in regular, pastel or glitter colors. We can even set up your photo booth with the ability to move between backdrops so that your guests can personalize their experience in the photo booth at your event. Ask about custom backdrops as well, that could feature your brand, logo or the name of your event.
In addition to the backdrop, the next step is choosing a theme for the types of props that you would like your guests to be able to use in order to express the fun that they are having at your event. The masquerade theme will stock your prop table with colorful masks, boas and other similar things. We also have a mustache theme where mustaches, top hats, canes and funny glasses can be featured. Another theme that we offer is animals where different animal masks and prints will be provided to your guests. Ask about the many ways that we can customize the theme of props provided at your event.
Why Props
It may seem tacky or silly, and may not be a great fit for every type of event, but generally, the addition of props allows your guests to get creative and spend more time enjoying having their photo taken. Additionally, you won’t have the same photo come out over and over again when you allow your guests to use props. Each photo will be 100% unique and fun. Your guests will have the option to go with props or without props when entering the photo booth at your event. Everyone likes having multiple options!
How it Works
When you add a theme or props to your event, our team will help each guest find the prop and backdrop that they would like to use in their photos, making absolutely no extra work for you or your guests!